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TOolbox for Traffic Engineering Methods

Additional Tools and Data

XML Schemas

Download the XML Schemas (the number given in the filename matches the version):
TypeVersionRelease dateToolbox versionComment
Domain 1.331th October 2007TOTEM 3.0LSP status not in the schema anymore.
1.226th January 2007TOTEM 2.3Add some key references to node, link and priority ids.
1.125th August 2006TOTEM 2.2Units are mandatory
1.007th April 2006TOTEM 1.0 - 2.1New link types
Scenario 1.304 March 2008TOTEM 3.1See changelog
1.231 October 2007TOTEM 3.0See changelog
1.107th April 2006TOTEM 1.1 - 2.1See changelog
1.021th February 2005TOTEM 1.0First release
Traffic Matrix1.230th January 2006TOTEM 2.0 - 2.1See changelog
1.124th May 2005TOTEM 1.1See changelog
1.021th February 2005TOTEM 1.0First release
TOTEM-base1.030th January 2006TOTEM 2.0 - 2.1First release - contains common stuff

You can find scenario XML schema related to each integrated algorithm on their web page.

Others tools

brite2xml tar.gzConvert brite topology file into XML domain file21th February 2005
Other tools from the TOTEM partners


traffic-matrices-anonymized-v2.tar.bz2A set of traffic matrices and the corresponding topology (note that these have been anonymized). Bandwidth unit is kbps.30th May 2007
abilene-TM.tar.gz A set of traffic matrices for the Abilene network topology (also included). These were taken from the data collected by Yin Zhang (see his website) and converted to the TOTEM format. 20th Aug 2007
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