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TOolbox for Traffic Engineering Methods



2008-06-18: Release of TOTEM-3.2
2008-03-04: Release of TOTEM-3.1
2007-11-06: Release of TOTEM-3.0
2007-08-20: Added Abilene traffic matrices
2007-07-10: Release of TOTEM-2.4
2007-07-04: Project release files are now (here)
2007-01-26: Release of TOTEM-2.3
This site describes TOTEM, a toolbox for traffic engineering methods. TOTEM is licensed under the GPL (GNU General Public License) version 2.0. This site is the "toolbox site" of the TOTEM project. See the TOTEM Project website for more information about the project itself and the "release site" to download the files.

This open-source toolbox provides a set of tools to allow network operators to traffic engineer their network. It can also be used by researchers that are implementing new techniques.

Download latest release.

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